Emily Carding / Sweet Productions
Sweet Novotel – until August 25th
2 Stars (2 / 5)

In the future the genetic material of humanity is revived by the androids they made, first to destroy, then to resuscitate. The last men on the planed left the AI with the complete works of Shakespeare as guidance to the human heart.

Emily Carding creates this ambitious sci-fi, interspersed with monologues from Shakespeare. Her physicality, particularly as the android Ariel, is good. She adopts many accents and carries each of them well. The production itself suffers from a lack of variety, drama, use of space, an overuse of lecture as a medium (don’t tell, show) and a dreadful amount of cliche in the plot that could be excused but for its other shortcomings.

The most stirring part of the piece is when the android Ariel malfunctions towards the end, launching into a vicious monologue from Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, “If I cannot inspire love, I shall cause fear…”; Sadly it revealed the contours and variety that had been sadly lacking up until that point.