RJ Theatre Company
theSpaceTriplex – Jenner Theatre

1 Stars (1 / 5)


A series of fights – each masked as funny, pseudo-intellectual bickering. Andy (Emma Tadmor) and Chris (Julian Chesshire) become more personal and vicious until they’re left asking why they are staying together. Plasters shows us how unreliable memories can be. We are invited to observe a relationship end from Andy’s point of view. We see only her version of what she remembers or what she would like to remember and how the thin line between what is real and what is not is being smudged.

Plasters is a new play written and performed by Emma Tadmor. No matter how insightful the script is, it gets repetitive. Even though the fight sequences grow shorter to escalate the tension between the characters, the torment of constantly reliving painful situations doesn’t evolve or give us anything new. Andy is still confused and a bit whiny and Chris is still throwing around his smug comments without showing any other emotion or characteristic than self-complacency. 

Not even the stage direction helps to liven it up. Both of the actors are most of the time sitting next to each other while Chesshire is trying to animate his lines by excessive and affected gestures and voice modulations. He is too hasty for level-headed Tadmor acting and is faster with his reactions than she is with her text. 

There is also another level to the play when we are presented with a show rehearsal between Tess (Andy) and her partner (Chris). But they are not giving us more hints as to why there is this play within a play, the new characters are completely the same as the previous ones. 

The Plasters are not giving enough and yet too much.