Review: Five Drinks

Airborne Theatre Company
St. Augustine’s Church, George IV Bridge, Edinburgh – until August 28th
2 Stars (2 / 5)

Five Drinks, tipped to be ‘an original play about the unique experience of gay dating,’ by Airborne Theatre Company – a group from Leeds University.

Dylan Moon finds himself a on the brink of adulthood in the sticky no man’s land between the straight world of his childhood, and the disparaging world of a marginally older gay man. His senior cannot understand why Dylan finds this transition so difficult. The dichotomy is interesting, but in this youthful set-up the older man comes across as predatory and unsympathetic, rather than genuinely confused.

The play itself is sketchy and would benefit from a serious rewrite. There are some decent performances which squeezed laughs from the young audience, and there’s a general air of conviviality that comes with young people having fun, but the over-all feel is overwhelmingly amateurish.